[FEATURE] Scroll Fusion

I think that being able to fuse scrolls together would be a great addition to the game. Many players have been having issues with their inventory full or cluttered with scrolls. One way that we can help resolve this is to allow scroll fusion, for example:

  • 3-5 (100% scrolls) could be fused into one great scroll
  • 3-5 (Great scrolls) could be fused into one ancient scroll
  • 3-5 (Ancient scrolls) could be fused into a stronger scroll released in the future

This would allow users to fuse unwanted scrolls into better scrolls rather than just throwing them away or trading them.

Good, great idea…!

This sounds great

I support this, but only because i hate having a bunch of 100% scrolls

I made a comment about the idea of combining scrolls which is similar to your idea on a topic. Of course, my consideration of how my idea of fusing/combining scrolls would work is different from yours. Overall, great idea!

Yes, it seems a bit OP but I think it could work!

Pretty good idea!

Sounds useful