Favorite skills!


  • Ground Pound
  • Lunge Uppercut
  • Combat Roll

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  • Execute
  • Dagger Throw
  • Double Jump

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  • Zap!!!
  • Magic Bomb
  • Blink

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When zap doesn’t work but people still vote

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i voted lol

I chose blink because mages are most known for running.

I chose zap because I got a cool screenshot with it. xd

My favorite skill is Combat Roll because it makes it easier to tag people


You’re It

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sad face

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Who doesn’t like the double jump? Wayy easier to navigate the maps higher places and find chests.

why the frick-- i mean
why the fortnite v-bucks is rock throw not in here >:(

hmm, idk

Adventure skills aren’t a category, that’s why.

whats the uppercut thing thats my favorite

Seeing how Zap could instantly kill crabs with high INT when it will work will be game-changing. Also the instant cooldown.

Zap ftw bois

just love how barely anyone voted for ground pound ,-,

more people voted for zap than they did ground pound. A useless skill that does nothing outside of cosmetic lightning got more votes than something that at least deals damage.

well i mean, cant blame them, lunge is pretty heccin cool B)
but i mean, roll, fr? i barely even use roll anymore -

Execute is absolutely dirty

tad bit late but, you’re forgetting the Adventurer Skills

ok u know it’s true everyones favorite has to be double slash