Favorite Chair Edition #2

From our last selection we got a good idea on who likes which chairs. Apparently from the last selection users mainly liked chair images that had @TheOfficialSin in them. As well as the gnome/dwarf on that mushroom chair, honestly why would you like that chair. In my review in the Enchanted Forest, that chair has a horrible smell to it… chair-appreciators’ tastes these days… sure are strange for liking rancid tastes…

Now here is this edition’s selection.

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Enjoy this edition’s selection of delicious chairs.
Note: There is no option that states: The one with @TheOfficialSin in it.

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officialsin looks

the true version of what he looks like

jk this is what he looks like pokelawls.org

Dammit Kev, enough with the gnomes! This is like the fifth time I’ve been gnomed.

Hmm hard choice since all of those Chair images have me in them…:thinking:

I love the chairs in the enchanted forest. They are so smole and make me happy.