Favorite Chair Edition #1

I’m curious what you favorite chair is from this selection.

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  • dnF0WccLTmGfT_fppr6DzA
  • 3GrSEad9SQ2utrbdfjHIEw
  • Ui0-Y-4sSYmoebyn26b9FA

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Side Note: These chairs are found within Vesteria and were showcased in some Chair Reviews. More of these Polls are on their way

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Obviously I’m going to choose the one that has me in it. I’m a hot model. :relaxed:

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The next selection will have uh multiple ones with you in it, tough luck next time

sOmeBOdY eXpLaIn tHIs cHaIR mEmE

One cannot explain the chair. You must become one with the chair to understand.

wow u guys are big noobos

:clap::clap: chair review :clap::clap:

headless microwave likes chairs (for some reason? I think he likes eating them)

he makes chair reviews where he shows off chairs and tells us a little bit about their flavour and texture.
nobody cared at first but then he started making more and more of chair reviews and at some point, everybody went ‘‘yeah, this is funny. keep making more chair reviews!’’

basically every meme ever


High quality meme too