Farming Guide/Tips (Updated)

Farming in this game right now can be very tricky, you gotta be willing to spend tons of time to get what you want. But I will try to give you some tips to help you out some. I will try to give some tips early game and mid game. Late game doesn’t really exist right now so we don’t have to worry about that right now. Anyway lets begin.

Farming Early Game

Farming early game is by far the easiest. Your first levels to level 10 are extremely easy and take no time at all. Farming tips wont really help here but I will try to give just a few tips on how to make your way to mid game the fastest.

A tip that you can use is to set your pickup key to w. Doing this will make it so if you walk over the loot it will automatically pic it up. This is useful throughout your playthrough. I wouldn’t change this unless you found something more comfortable for you.

  • Don’t focus on mini mushrooms too much
    These mushrooms are easy to kill but around level 4 they are useless, after hitting level 4 and grabbing a better weapon I would suggest moving up the hill and killing the bigger mushrooms instead or even entering the mushroom forest.
    Quests can be easy to miss. Luckily this game doesn’t have dozens of quests so grabbing those quests wont be hard. There is a quest right when you spawn into the game. Get that before doing anything. There will also be a quest from the guard in The Crossing, and finally one quest in the Shore area. These wont help too much compared to pure grinding but they will give that extra boost early game.
  • Mushroom Grotto
    This place is SO good early game. The elder mushrooms drop a BUNCH of 70% and 100% scrolls to get an early +7 weapon. They are also really good for farming those big potions. You can enter here before level 10 and leave at around level 10 or so. Even after 10 I come back to the Mushroom Grotto for scrolls and potions. So even after you cant level its still useful.

That’s about it for early game. Early game isn’t too hard so you shouldn’t have too many troubles. If you get stuck and there aren’t any helpful tips on this for you don’t worry. It wont be too hard to figure something out as there isn’t much in the game yet. Anyway on to mid game.

Farming Mid Game

Now for mid game. Mid game can be really frustrating. With the new EXP curve there is only one good place to farm EXP. Here are some tips to help that leveling go by a little bit faster. Hopefully.

  • Mid Game Leveling
    From what I have found is if you stock up on potions then go to the Enchanted Forest, that’s your best bet. Spiders drop an insane amount of EXP until about level 20. From the new update you can now take spiders on even at the same level as them. They aren’t useful all the way till level 30 anymore but they are perfect till around the 20 - 25 range. Although you shouldn’t try to get level 25 off them.
    Party up! Even if its just with with randoms while you are solo farming. A 2 person party gives a 10% EXP increase and a full part gives a 20% increase. I don’t know if it increases little by little as your party grows and caps at 20% or if its just 10% and 20%. All I know is ask for parties when you grind. Even if you are staying near each other.
  • Money
    Shores is a REALLY good place to get money. If you can get the kills that is. If you manage to get a small lobby stay there. Later game it can be alright for EXP. But those crab claws and trading them in for fish from the fisherman can get you a lot of money. The reason this is better then farming spiders is because they are 1. Easier to kill and 2. Spawn a LOT more then spiders. That’s why I said stay in that small server.

Classes (Not Finished)

The mage isn’t the the best class right now. It is still fun to use and if you have the chance I would definitely try out the character. The Mage doesn’t stand out on top for anything. Its mostly in the middle. It has decent attack and decent movement. This could all change though.

The Warrior is by far the best class in terms of health. The Warrior also has the best movement spells. Its damage is up there but from what I have seen not as high as Damage.

From what I know the hunter does not have a movement spell like the Mage and Warrior, but its damage is definitely up there. It also has a skill that allows its player to go invisible for a short period of time while keeping you from being hurt by enemies.

That’s about all. If you have any suggestions to put in here I might add them. Otherwise if I have any other things to add I will. This could very easily change a LOT in the near future due to balancing changes in the game since it is Alpha.

Classes will be updated once I find out more. Feel free to leave some information for me to add!



  • Changed some wording to fit the newest version of the game.
  • Changed a few early game tips to fit the newest version of the game.
  • Changed a few late game tips to fit the newest version of the game.
  • Added a tip for picking up items
  • Added class breakdowns.
    Other then that it should be up to date.

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