Faction Storylines

I had the idea that it could be cool to be in depth with the factions within the game (unsure if this was suggested yet). I feel it might be cool to have faction Head Quarters serve as new places you can travel to. There you can buy specific things for your class, get questions answered about your class, and maybe complete quests. I also think it could be cool with the party system coming out, to allow members of a faction to create a party together and battle other factions and whichever faction wins gets a point. The points could be displayed in spawn. Of course, this is all very detailed and might ruin plans already set for the game but, could be fun.

I mentioned the idea in a thread about monster ideas, where you have a storyline for the class (which seems to be planned already based on the specific areas) and at the end maybe you fight a final boss (be it a warrior, archer/hunter, or mage) to earn your subclass

Thanks. I thought I heard of it earlier. It would be cool to have faction storylines but, based on how good the creators have made it already, I feel their vision is the best option for the game to go forward. We just have to wait and see.

I mean, it would help people with a sense of not being thrown out of their house with only a suitcase.

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We definitely want to flesh out lore for each faction, and each faction will have its own big city.


This would be fun lore behind each faction is nice I vote yes

The Class VS Class Aspect JakeHenrik Mentioned Does Sound Incredibly Nice To Competitive Players.

already almost done building the warrior stronghold lmao

we’re waaay ahead of you there buddy

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I’m Looking Forward To That As A Warrior Myself. It Gives Me Great Pride To Think That Our Base Is Near Built!

warrior stronghold? yay, the warriors are finally getting some love <3

Warriors Should Always Get Love. We Need To Be Strong.

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