🏰 Faction Base Features

Faction Base Features!

As the title says your class home base should have some unique features that brings more than just the purpose of Obtaining a Subclass and Purchasing Equipment.

What makes these even better is the recent mechanic added to Vesteria known as the Death Penalty :skull: for when a player Dies outside a Safezone they return to their Faction Base.

Lets face it, Dying far away from your home base is annoying especially when combined with the 33% Money Loss.

But what is no better way than making your base more interesting!

Some images were retrieved from the wiki.

Warrior Stronghold image

:white_small_square: Reforging


Admit it, if you were playing Vesteria in the time of Cursed Scrolls giving Perks you would wish for those days to return. Sadly, there are currently no possible way of earning any sort of Perk on your equipment.

But have no fear Reforging is here!

Simple feature where the Black Smith in the Stronghold purpose is to only sell Warrior Equipment, but can also Reforge your weapon for a significant amount of Silver based on your Equipment Sell Price, Modifying your weapon with good or bad perks.

Reforging will cost [X] Multiplier * Sell Price of your weapon.

:small_red_triangle_down:Warriors However get a discount on this cost for reforging their weapons

When a Weapon is reforged, it receives either a Good or Bad Perk based on its State/Modifier.

Modifiers are obtained when you reforged your weapon, it adds a prefix for example [Keen] Iron Sword.

:small_red_triangle_down: If you are unastisfied with your modifier, a reset scroll can be used to get rid of it

Where in this case the [Keen] prefix adds 14% Critical Chance.

:warning: Only Hunters and Warrior Weapons can be reforged by the Blacksmith not Mage Staffs


Tree of Life image

:white_small_square: Enchanting

No this isn’t going to work like the previous Orb where you use your money to upgrade your weapon for its final upgrade. Instead the Orb functions the same as the Blacksmith with Reforging except only for Mage Weapons.

What is unique with the Orb is that it will also be capable of adding 1 Elemental Perk on weapons, for example the Moko Maul.

In the image above the Moko Maul does not only have its original built in perk, instead it has a perk called Frosty Desire. which grants 10% Snare.

:warning: Keep in mind the orb is capable of adding this Elemental perk not replacing, the image is just a reference.

This Perk amongst the other Possibilities can be obtained by slaying The Yeti in which it can drop a new type of item dropped by bosses called ELEMENTS. The yeti in this scenario drops Frost Elements.

Now you may be asking…

How do i obtain a different Elemental Perk? :

Obtaining a Different built in perk can be done by slaying the BOSSES in Vesteria, such as

  • Chad - [N/A]
  • Yeti - Frost Element
  • Spider Queen - Cursed Element
  • Scarab - [N/A]

And so on when future bosses are added

:warning: Only Mage weapons can enchant, however all weapons can enchant for elemental perks


Port Fidelio image

:white_small_square: SOON

suggestions maybe?


:small_red_triangle: For any perk obtained by Reforging/Enchanting reset scrolls can be used to remove them and return the item to a clean state. But this risk the removal of your upgrades.

so uh, minecraft skyblock reforging. nice

Exactly what I was thinking.

did not know this existed :moyai:

minecraft skyblock got its reforge system from terraria lol

Faction town are pretty much just a place to buy a weapon and swear loyalty to them

So yeah I’m 100% agree with you

Just an idea, but how about something like crafting in the hunter base? More mob drops would be introduced and they could be crafted into a layer over your armor? Like hog skins (yes it’s a new drop) over your armor would give you immunity to stun and spider fang plated armor would give resistance to poison.

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Yes I like this idea very much. There are quests in Port Fidelio (Whale Tale, but it is super hard if you don’t know what you’re doing for it) and Tree of Life (Buisness Trip Part 2 and subsequent), but overall there isn’t much to do anywhere (except Port Fidelio - gotta go to Forsaken Isle eventually, right?). I support this idea wholeheartedly.

Port Fidelio should have daily quests and such, I feel that would fit it as it is a hunters city

Crafting sounds nice

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Yea, cuz vesteria is supposed to be an MMORPG game and those types of games needs crafting, which vesteria lacks.


I’m a little late but this still seems kind of relevant.

I may or may not have wanted to make a “Could I be the green ninja?” Meme with the elements and everything

Are you going to update this?

Coming up for ways of crafting in port fidelio pretty tough to brainstorm so im not sure

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It’s easy just add in a muffin factory that generates muffins and the higher the lvl you are the better the muffins are. It takes 5 s to use for a hunter and 20s for mages and warriors.

Lvl 10 hunter 50 hp restore muffin +10 bonus hp (muffins comes in batches of 4 and takes 1 min to make)

lvl 15 hunter 100 hp restore muffin + 50 bonus hp ( 30 seconds for 6 muffins

Lvl 20 hunter 150 hp restore muffin + 90 bonus hp ( 30 seconds 10 muffins)

Lvl 25 hunter 200 hp restore muffin +120 bonus hp +5 percent damage bonus ( 30 seconds 16 muffins)
Lvl 30 hunter 250 hp restore muffin + 150 bonus hp +10 percent damage +2 stamina ( 30 seconds 20 muffins)
After lvl 30 hunter’s would be able to pick which stats they want to focus on their muffins so you can either have a muffin that restores 250 hp + 1000 bonus hp + 10 percent damage + 2 stamina or a muffin that focus on damage 250 hp + 150 bonus hp + 40 percent damage + 2 stamina. Warrior and mages would ONLY be able to make lvl 10 or 15 muffins.

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At this point, that would be BALANCING, because Warriors and Mages (and their subclasses) are a lot stronger than Hunters. But I don’t think this would be a good idea, Muffins are cheap enough already. Also, why use Muffins anyway? If you just put 20 VIT, you can take at least one hit from just about every mob in the game (I haven’t even tried to test that with Mo Ko Tu Aa though, probably not gonna either).

nerf muffins