Exploits on Vesteria [Info?]

Not too long ago, 2 individuals were caught using exploits and it is now all over the forums. I will not name them however.
For the first one, some people believe their “Private Servers” topic had an intention to exploit without being noticed. There is proof here for this one, I believe he was using autofarm.
Suspicous, huh? Oh well.
For number 2: we have clear proof. This one used an exploit which if you ran into someone it would pretty much instakill. In Enchanted Forest, they used inf health which caused the code to go nuts.

Be on the lookout for this guy, as he may be somewhere else and is a clear member of the exploiting community. (Even I was an exploiter once but that was way before the playtests was a thing. They are op lol)

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This is Zeke_y isn’t it?

There was also another exploiter but he was not discussed about here.

I think I know who you are talking about. Usually only appears at 12 PM UTC - 5 time.

There are 2 common exploiters, but probley.