Exploiters on vesteria

I don’t blame the exploiters I think they should be warned, because if other people we’re exploting them selves. Then you actually need to show some careness and warn them. Don’t be mad because they are exploiting and killing every mob. Eventually Bereza is going to fix it. Not saying I exploit, but I actually have a heart.

But what about the players who are affected by the exploiters? It at times ruins their experience in Vesteria, so action would need to be taken on both the exploits and the exploiter.

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Oh you say…


I understand, but be patient and berezaa himself will fix it. The exploiters are innocent who are using exploits from someone. If you get that someone to reverse it. Then it will be over.

i really dont exploit lol. not going to lie i have some executors but i enjoy grinding on vesteria

Exploiters have no regard for the rules, Roblox’s rule or the games; otherwise, they wouldn’t be exploiting. Warning them won’t stop then, but it will certainly make them more cautious when doing it. Meaning, you won’t solve the problem, but make it harder to detect. A better course of action would be something more definite, but not overkill.

This is kinda sketchy… someone one the discord said you were an exploiter :thinking:

Zeke_y is an exploiters? Do we have proof?


Do we have any real evidence, we can’t become a witch trials society

multiple people… not looking good for zeke

I guess it’s credible then, but we should be careful to spread this around on here

i did use the script to autofarm, but i did not intend to use it to level up i just wanted to see, how’ll it will be reversed.

Lol Meme Incoming

sureee… you’re sounding alot like septers now… punishment is coming

edit: forgot they don’t ban yet

yet im not him, nesecerally. if berezaa wants to ban me i understand, i broke the rule and I shouldn’t have. But I did not mean it intentionally to “exploit”

Why would you exploit on the game in the first place? You’re in the wrong here. Messing up players’ farming and being known as a hacker in the community. Not a good look

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That’s noble of you, Zeke, but you have to mean it. I suggest you contact Berezaa personally and answer for what you’ve done.

Yeah, tell him and he might give you a lighter punishment