Exploiter dected please upvote so the dev's can see


He could basically attack everyone without them agreeing and kept on killing me with 1 shot. He was level 23 i was level 19.

queue more septers hate

Yup im in the same server with you, I baited the fool into hitting me again with their hacks, most likely they will respond to this post, who knows how they’re still running around when literally everyone is aware about this guy

Response to post

Don’t duel with the master >:)

All jokes aside, how have they not gotten rid of you yet?


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Holy Frick, I’m dying :joy:

Honestly don’t think its become a big enough problem that they care yet. Not to mention they are busy with getting the game updates back on track, probably just waiting for me to get bored and move on.

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Yeah that’s true, Im not too salty about how you ran up and killed me and my brothers, because it was my choice to run up to you the two other times to get a recording aha… dab but you went on your way and did your own thing, must have done it for the lols so im okay, then you said you wanted to kill a autoclicker so now im even more okay, it was more entertaining to make a meme out of the situation than anything else, so you’re a okay in my book now. Until the situation gets handled, you can run wild

Haha, glad to hear it didn’t ruin your day like some other people. Meme was great lol.

I’m sure the judgement is coming sooner then people think. Until then I wish you all well.


its a game glitch. It shows that you kill someone mutltiple times in the same second for an unknown reason.

Septers isn’t a master of anything~~

This issue has been fixed in the upcoming update. I’ve put septers in the timeout corner for blatantly bragging about exploiting. If he keeps abusing PM me and I’ll join on an alt and ban him (or anyone else ruining people’s experience) from the game.


Yeah it wasn’t that septers killed us and it showed multiple times, he had hit us like 10 times in the span of a second, killing us instantly, without us accepting his duel, not that it showed up. Here is a potato quality of what he had done if that helps, (if you cant tell whats going on in the pic septers ran into me and deals a large quantity of damage)

No kidding about him bragging there berezaa :eyes:

Thanks bud! Looks like somebody got yeeted

Welp, one week later it seems like it’s been paying off patching it.