Expansion Concept, Stamina, Fruit,

This is my very very detailed concept that I will be editing over time, I’ll also be drawing bosses, items, etc. Im hoping this could become an actual concept that will make it into the game, so I gotta do whatever I can and as much as I can to ensure it. Moving on…

This concept will pretty much a jam packed explanation of every concept that me and others think of specifically going towards the way vesteria is doing updates. To specify what I meant when saying expansions is biomes or new areas with new items, bosses, effects etc like dunes basically. I’ll be going over 2 expansions & their effects, mobs, and items.

Screaming Taiga: This expansion will be a large snowy area with a new effect called frostbite, with this effect your stamina bar will turn a calm light blue and begin to slowly but surely drain but this time with a new effect. The faster you move the slower you get, and once your stamina bar disappears and your exhausted you’re frozen. After of which you’ll remain until while you die slowly, I figured this would be a good way to counter assassins and other fast moving classes this can of course be removed or halted by getting near campfires and flame pits/smelting areas. This can also be stopped with potatoes which are found in potato patches and can be harvested by jumping on top them, they’ll of course reset your frostbite bar but that’s all. Frostbite has no effect during the day but will have full effect during the night, and unlike other places an the sun will be up for the time that makes up 1 Vesterian day, and the moon will be up for what makes 1 entire Vesterian day, instead of it being half and half just like the Antarctica

Moving onto mobs there will br a few move variants and new mobs, Earthwurms will be white and grey variants of the Dustwurm, they will have one eye and have fur around their head. These mobs will instead grab you and drag you underground instead of shooting acid at you and deal moderate damage, they’ll of course be the same level as Dustwurms and drop the “Furry Shovel” which will act as a warrior sword that directs ground slam into one direction creating A top tier of earth basically making the earth rise and going into the direction you were facing when using ground slam. Snow Wolves will be white with blue eyes and will be the first neutral mob in Vesteria, they’ll be the same level as Sting Tails (35) and will have a slash attack and bite attack when provoked, they’ll drop Ice fangs and wolf fang daggers. “Wolf Fang dagger” will basically be a Shunpo perk that doubles distance and it will be a level 42 weapon. These wolves will have a variant found in the mines called Dire Wolves, which are black in color(get noobed mewwny) with golden eyes and have the same slash and bite attack as snow wolves, these will be aggressive unlike snow wolves and be the same level as Deathstings with no weapon drop, they’ll have a higher ice fang drop though. Dwarves will be the replacement for bandits and will have bases accordingly, they will attack on sight using Hammers and swords, and ranger dwarves will use or launch rocks off of catapults or throw boulders they’ll drop great swords and hammers. There will be a certain dwarf that you can speak too that won’t fight you no matter what…

Moving on the boss in this area will be the Ice Bear, it’ll be the same size and have the same amount of health as scarab. It’ll be completely white with red eyes and will stand on its back 2 legs to attack or fall over and slam opponents, it’ll have a slash attack and a growl aoe, after half health it’ll swap into shadow mode in which tints its fur completely black and increases its speer dramatically of which its attack pattern changes accordingly. It will begin to run on all 4 legs and charge after opponents dealing high damage and giving frosbite, the pattern increases in speed each time and its mouth will open to reveal fangs as clear and sharp as ice, when an opponent is frozen from frostbite near it, it will stop everything its doing to shatter the victim killing them immediately with no death screen or ragdoll body. This boss will drop a fur hat that will give +1 stamina, and + 40% hp regen and will drop the Carnes Dagger, which will be red and white and give melee hunters a ranged melee with every slash producing a small smite effect with small range. It’ll of course also drop ice fangs that can be turned in to the hermit.

Moving on to location… This will all take place in the mountains behind the warrior strong hold, with different tunnels pits and areas most of this will all bs inside the mountains there of course will be areas with grass and trees and what not and a center town inside in the mountains.

Moving on to quest… There will be mining quest of which you get from ‘Mrs. Jean Bones’ that will unlock the geologist shop for hunters and allow you to meet “Alba Lupus” one of the ’powerful’ that were once connected to Tal-Rey… He was an insanely powerful warrior that once took over the mines… He was greedy and thus secluded himself with all his treasure before disappearing. Upon meeting him he’ll ask you what your favorite color is, if you say red he’ll bolt towards you killing you in a single hit leaving your screen tinted red, if you say blue he’ll give you a mighty glare giving you the frostbite effect freezing you instantly and then shattering you, if you say white he’ll stay quiet and then offer you 1 of 4 treasures, the Lupus bolt a spear that amplifies damage done mid air, Glacier a bow that shoots icicles that deal double the damage of regular arrows, Vesra’s Judgement a dagger that damage is increased during the day, and Terul’s Stinger a sharp axe that can be dual wielded that will leech health off an opponent each hit. The other quest will be gained from an npc in the center base hoping to see 1 of the 3 legendary weapons, a small shield called Frost Kite and is made from metal as cold as ice, and will freeze every opponents that attacked the wielder on the 4th hit the user takes, a wand made from a blue glowing metal as cold as ice called The ‘Tundra’ that turns thundercall into icicle rain replacing the lightning with ice shards, and a kukri(dagger) called the hell-raiser that stacks damage and pierces and will be about the same size as the black karambit. The geologist shop will unlock The Geomask, Geovest, and Geoboots that will give a bonus +45 DEX, along with a few other items like the pickaxe, and icepick.

This should be all for the screaming taiga and I will soon update it with art depicting everything discussed so for now
[Insert Art]

The Lazy Swamp…(will be updated after tundra art is complete)

You guys can submit art for this and I will of course give you guys full credit for those and add on to this concept as well, I want this to be something that can actual get published into the game that everyone enjoys and not just what I want, feedback, art, and support are all appreciated ~ thank you

Too long, didn’t read.
A picture speaks a thousand words so do you best to draw everything you can so people can read it in less than 2 hours.

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As I was about to post a idea about a ice map too :no_mouth:

Basically whispering dunes but in a snowy map

Cool ideas but i Think this area could be more suited towards level 25 to 35 level zone considering where lacking that leveling exeperience zone. And as for for hypofermia system i’d much have it to be like this: https://youtu.be/2EFJ_bwIKHQ
Over all a really cool and detailed idea and would fit really well for mid leveling zone. Maybe it could have its very own duengon aswell.

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Lol I’m working on it, took me like 3 hours to type and come up with

Let me just say that this comment is a work in progress but I stopped typing because it was taking forever. Most of this is not complete.

First things first. From now on we’re calling it “Screaming Tundra”. It fits better.

The Screaming Tundra is interesting and it seems to be an exact opposite to Whispering Dunes.
Frostbite seems cool (pun intended), and just like heat exhaustion, it only takes place during a certain time of day.

I feel like the Frostbite effect should be similar to Heat Exhaustion in that stamina won’t regenerate, and if you run out you’re stuck at a slow walkspeed and take constant damage.

It should probably be connected to Redwood Pass, and the entrance would be in the snowy mountain.
The Whispering Dunes is entered through “The Gauntlet”, where you have to fight bandits. To make it different, perhaps the entrance to the Tundra would be a long maze that you would have to navigate through in order to get to the taiga. And similarly to how the Gauntlet becomes inhabited by Hunters when you beat it, the maze would be occupied by Warriors, with a map or path on the ground to show you the right way to get through and into the Tundra.

I don’t really like the idea of potatoes, but what could be done instead is: You have a torch on your back, and it will stay lit for a period of time before extinguishing. You would have to go to a campfire in order to re-light your torch. This is basically the opposite of the Oases in Whispering Dunes. There will also be a location similar to the Outpost, which would be a shelter for the native people.

Now, Whispering Dunes has fruit, of course, which you can eat to instantly bring your stamina to full, as well as shade you can stay under in order to keep cool. So a Tundra variant would be Hot Chocolate (Which obviously doesn’t grow on trees but can be found in canteens that you can pick up). Since shade is what keeps you cool in the Dunes, you can stay warm in the Taiga by staying in little holes in the snow and other places that will keep you sheltered from the wind.

Whispering Dunes also has Portable Water to protect from heat exhaustion. The Tundra variant would be simple, actually. Fur Coat. The Fur Coat offers maybe about 90 defence but decreases your walkspeed due to it being a heavy coat.

Also, in Dunes you have Crystal Beetles. I’m thinking for the Tundra it should be

Now for the good part. Monsters and enemies. The enemies in the Whispering Dunes are:

  • Stingtails (Lvl 35), the stronger variants Deathstings (lvl 45), and the Deathsting Boss Saraskis the Impaler
  • Bandits & Bandit Skirmishers (Lvl 40), Bandit Boss Azariah the Blood-Crazed and Bandit Skirmisher Boss Auktufiti the Watcher
  • Dustwurms (Lvl 40)
  • And finally, the Scarab Boss (Lvl 45).
    So, for Screaming Tundra it could be something like:
  • Wolves (Basically like Dustwurms in that they mostly appear in packs and will show up practically everywhere, and they will have their own cave where there will be high concentrations of wolves, like the Dustwurm Pit. Also they shoot icy blasts that will slow you down)
  • And last but DEFINITELY not least, the MAMMOTH (It can stab you with its tusks, and if you get too close it will squeeze you with its trunk dealing insane damage, then toss you back to the ground. It will fire icy bombs from its mouth to freeze people.)

Also, remember, Whispering Dunes has Bandit Camps that can be raided to earn money. So for the Tundra, maybe

And remember that in Whispering Dunes, there are two quests that award the following weapons:

  • Shattersun Dirk (Sun Tablet Quest)
  • Sun Blade (Sun Tablet Quest)
  • Blistergrass Staff (Sun Tablet Quest)
  • Tetthafut’s Buckler (Sun Tablet Quest)
  • Terul’s Talon (Lost Palace)
  • Vesra’s Eviscerator (Lost Palace)
  • Astrologist’s Scepter (Lost Palace)

However, for the Tundra, I’m thinking maybe something like this:

  • Terul’s Tanto (Quest 2 - Warrior) - At night, do more damage and gain a lifesteal effect.
  • Vesra’s Staff (Quest 2 - Mage) - During the day, deal more damage and
    Also, these are the weapon drops from monsters in the Dunes:
  • Stingtail Staff (Mage)
  • Sand-Ravaged Blade (Warrior)
  • Sand-Ravaged Bow (Hunter)
  • Azariah’s Edge (Warrior)
  • Auktufiti’s Longbow (Hunter)
  • Dustwurm Cudgel (Warrior)
  • Dustwurm Longbow (Hunter)
  • Chitin Scythe (Mage)

So Tundra Monsters will drop these:

And the last few weapons can be bought at shops (Not counting the shop in The Gauntlet):

  • Ancient Jawbone (Warrior)
  • Savage Shank (Hunter)
  • Savage Axe (Warrior)
  • Digger’s First Resort (Hunter)
  • Digger’s Last Resort (Hunter)

So these last few will be shop-bought from the Tundra:

  • (Mage)
  • (Warrior)
  • (Mage)
  • (Warrior)
  • (Warrior)

This concept is great and I will be adding and crediting you for a few things when i get the time to re-edit this but their are a few things I need to shoot down,

-Wolves are a new mob and will spawn the same as sting tails, the new Earthwurm variants will spawn just like dustwurms tho and their will be an easy way to notice them as well. Also I really can’t imagine wolves just shooting ice out of thin air, wolves are supposed to be the new exp grind area for levels 25-35 preparing you for the dunes

-Hot choclate found on the ground in the tundra makes a lot less sense than potatoes (which are actually a hot food known to increase the warmth in the human body) and they will go with my crafting idea that I’m working (cooking them or making potions)

-Just like how the scarab boss was added because it’s routed in mythology in real life the bear is too, The entire inspiration for the taiga is Irish, European mythology. Killing Bears was a common practice and are often routed in lore for being vicious and powerful and the wolves are based on their prehistoric predecessors who were huge, having mobs like the sting tails and death stings allows for a miniboss variant like Sarakis The Impaler

-Your torch concept is pretty good this could be added to replace the water barrel after completing a certain quest instead of wearing a coat as that’s more interactive than just wearing a coat and would essentially make it just as easy as dunes

-ice fangs are the currency for the taiga, and the mammoth would have to be an extra boss of sorts but the shooting ice concept is kind of strange, maybe like an AoE at best.

  • things from your ideas I’ll definitely add: The Screaming Tundra does sound wonderful but it’s not accurate as to the geography and what the area is based off of, but just because it sounds cool I’ll change the name, the mammoth would definitely be a cool a boss but it should have projectile moves nor be a main boss as the bear fulfills that role, it should be the extra boss that you can fight in the dungeon. The maze concept would definitely be a cool way to gain access to the tundra as well and make it so you cant just get carried. And the weapon pattern is already being worked on, in all though thank you for the feedback much obliged :+1:

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To add on, the bandits here could be called “whale hunters”. They live near a huge hole in the ice where the terror of deep could spawn. One uses a normal sword, and the other throws harpoons,