Exclusive Giant Drops Idea

So this idea is one of my favorites and im just gonna go right into it, im proposing that giants recieve exclusive drops depending on the giant type, so Ill just explain.

Ratties- giant ratties gain special drops such as the ratty vest, the rat helmet, specific scrolls, and can even drop dyes like green or grey dyes.

Rubees- giant rubess have special drops such as red dye and yellow dye, the rubee halo, and the rubee sword(revealed before as a warrior weapon but not yet released), and of course id say idk ancients scrolls for atk

Scarecrows- giant scarecrows can drop yellow and green dye, great scrolls, and idk the straw hat and the sickle

So you get the idea, but in order for the special giant drops to drop, youll need to have completed all of that enemy types bounties.