Evergreen Guild Post



" The air you breath, the grass that runs beneath your feet, the trees you ponder at… All this comes from the mana called Evergreen. Taken form in our world, come join us as we praise this sight of joy by becoming a member today! "

Evergreen is a guild for any player alike, whether you’re a tryhard or simply a casual player, we will not care. Our small nitpick community can warm anyone up, like the grass on a cold wintry night. We invite you to join us as we slowly become one of the best guilds of all time, but only through your help!

We are currently recruiting players! Look below to see how to join (discord link is in “Joining/Application”).

  • Dantex
  • chickenboss37
  • UnheardOne
  • Dragontrain12
  • fantashtish (famous owo)
  • Her0_ofFame
  • BumpyUseZeoz
  • VO1D
  • MLGBoi678
  • Red_boiCaesar
  • zenwell18
  • Smol_Boi
  • Tower

(Be the next one!)


Evergreen consists of events (in the future) that’s fun for most players.

  • Dungeon Fun

Grind dungeons even though they might not be fun

  • Rebirth Spurt

Rebirth and try to get to max as fast as you can

  • Money Spree’s

Grind money either for the guild or for yourself.

(Note: most of these might seem generic, which they are. Dont need to point them out)


Upon joining, you will be listed to the waiting room. Here you will wait for the owner or moderator to accept or deny you. Once through you will have access to the guild. Please make sure that these are checked off before entering:

  • You are level 30 or higher on a single or multiple slots.
  • You can generally be active, meaning you should be able to attend most events.
  • You aren’t sensitive, players inside can swear, I fully warn you before joining.

Evergreen Discord: https://discord.gg/KX4NXt3

We hope to see you soon! :evergreen_tree: