Events for Vesteria?

So I know this is a bit late and possibly someone has made something about this but I remember asking berezaa on one of his recent streams if events would be added and he said possibly. So what I was thinking if events were added, if they would be events that would happen seasonally, or events now and then like how the masked man in Miners haven appeared on the weekends. How annual events would work in Vesteria could be like a caravaan that goes through a town that carries some sort of loot or an area that opens open like a dungeon or something on the weekends.

I don’t know, it seems a little hard, maybe they will make minor events but I can’t see it being like a massive event.

I could see this game doing events, yeah; I suppose that’s become a common-point for a lot of MMORPG games – Having holiday/special events, and I definitely hope Vesteria does some cool events…