Events aboard the Wayfarer

The Wayfarer has always been a necessary ride to reach high level destinations, however, this waiting can be bland so much so that the sound track is literally elevator music. I propose an idea to make trips much more interesting, events.

Possible events aboard the Wayfarer:

  • Pirate raids - A ship comes by and pirates throw anchors onto the Wayfarer, everyone says the Wayfarer is great for adventure and this sure is going to be an adventure. Pirate raids should have a small percentage chance of happening, not too low so people don’t buy thousands of tickets to try get the loot from the raid but not too high so players don’t have to always sit through a raid. The raid will be friendly to level 30s while still posing risks to them. If you die in a pirate raid, you end up back at scallop shores. The raid will have good drops but not too good so getting a raid isn’t desired but acceptable. Stuff like the pirate hat might make a return. The raid will have a higher chance of happening the more players there are.

  • Kraken attacks - The Kraken is an ancient creature, legends say there was once a mage lived in scallop shores who summoned a Kraken to defend the shores from the Terror of the Deep. This Kraken, after defeating the Terror of the Deep, went berserk and started to attack scallop shores. With assistance from the great mage, the hunters managed to push the Kraken back into the ocean where it attacks ships that passes its territory for the rest of its life. Kraken attacks will be fast and unpredictable, will it drop loot? I suggest not but that’s up to the devs. A Kraken attack will scare off the pirates.

  • Thunderstorms - Thunderstorms are just a visual change that makes the ocean more violent with rocky waves shaking the ship a little but only a little. We don’t want any players getting flung off the ship accidentally. Thunderstorms will also send small waves to hit the ship possibly flinging afk players or players that aren’t too weary into the depths below. Thunderstorms increase the chance of a Kraken attack but lowers the chance of a Pirate raid.

Hopefully you devs see this, peace.

I like the Thunder storm one and if it possible a waterspout can also fling you if you not being careful


Great idea! It poses a small challenge. I’ll add it to the post

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I actually made a similar post back in November here: Wayfarer ship ideas

I like the tic tac toe idea but the throwing the ship off course can screw a whole ship if one player is afk which is kinda a problem.

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I like the ideas of the Pirate Raid and Thunderstorm. However, perhaps instead of them being automatically hostile or automatically friendly, they demand a toll (something like 2 Silver per player per level), and the players can choose to pay it or not.
If they choose to pay it, the pirates take the money and move on.
If they choose not to pay it, the pirates attack as you described.
If there are multiple differing opinions, majority rules (sort of a vote system).

Whenever we get around to finishing Forsaken I’ll make sure to add events to the ship. It was in the original plan but got delayed.


terror of deep blowing water out the hole

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Implying there’s more to be added to forsaken?

I don’t really like any of your idea stated in the post. I don’t like tic tac toe. You’ll tie most of the time. It’s to simple. The reason I don’t like the wind idea is already elaborated on by someone on your original post which is that if someone is afk.

Yea I know, I wasn’t thinking clearly lol.