Ethyr is a pay to win currency

As you all know, ethyr is the premium currency in the game that can be bought with robux. It can be used to buy items from NPCs, which can in turn be sold to other players for silver. While you’re probably thinking, “That’s not pay to win! The values are too low to be of worth,” you’re right. At least, at low values. However, the more the player is willing to spend, the more the efficiency goes up. For my example, I’ll use dyes. These cost 100 ethyr and typically sell for around 40 silver. Now, going on these assumptions, you can take into consideration the least efficient value of purchasing ethyr/robux and the most efficient value of purchasing ethyr/robux to find the min/max exchange rates for USD($) to in-game currency.

The least efficient way to buy robux is at 450 robux for $5. The least efficient way to buy ethyr is at 120 per 80 robux. Putting these together, you can buy 5.625 packs of 120 ethyr for 450 robux, or 675 ethyr. That’s 135 ethyr per USD. Now, a single dye costs 100 ethyr. A single dollar can buy 1.35 units of dye. Given that a dye sells for 40 silver, that means a single dollar buys 54 silver coins. This puts the minimum conversion ratio at 54 silver coins/USD.

The most efficient way to buy robux is at 35,000 robux for $200. The most efficient way to buy ethyr is at 3,000+500, or 3,500 per 2,000 robux. Putting these together, you get 17.5 packs of 3,500 ethyr for 35,000 robux, or 61,250 ethyr. That’s 306.25 ethyr per USD. Converting this to dye, we can buy 3.0625 units of dye for a USD. Given that dye sells for 40 silver, a single dollar buys 122.5 silver coins. This puts the maximum conversion ratio at 122.5 silver coins per USD.

Now, this post has several issues. I’ll admit that. Prices in game fluctuate, meaning the conversion ratio of ethyr to silver may change. Players can sell for lower and higher than the average market price, so the conversion rate may also fluctuate due to that. Some game devs earn robux through their games, bypassing the USD/Ethyr conversion entirely, and simply getting money for free if they want. Some players will even buy robux off of other players for cheaper than the robux store (despite this being against the terms of service) and thus the conversion can change thanks to this, as well. Finally, you have to take into consideration that very few players will do this, and even less will do this on a large enough scale for it to be worthwhile.

All the money the player earns can then be used to purchase the best equipment in the game, such as blessed armor, full +7 cursed gear, etc.

However, this brings me to the overall point of the post. It doesn’t matter how efficient it is at all. It doesn’t matter how many people do it. The fact of the matter is that real world money can be converted into the best equipment in the game, giving the players will large amounts of money an advantage. This is pay to win, and should be removed. I’m aware that ethyr supports the devs, but I believe that there should be another way to do so, one that doesn’t give players an advantage. Feel free to take note of other games and change it from “pay to win” to “pay to look cool” and I won’t have an issue.

Yeah, I wanted there be ways to get premium items as rare drops (not like 1/50k but actually reasonable), and have ethyr items be soulbound as they are supposed to be.


Yes, if premium items where soul-bound it would be much better.

Agreed, I don’t even sell my dyes that I buy or get from the alpha reward that I haven’t used

The development team is already aware of this.

You can tell immediately somebody could hypothetically purchase a large quantity of Ethyr in return to sell purchased items with the currency for Silver to advance their character.

The game needs to continue making money from its player-base on some sort of permanent basis, Vesteria has a smaller community base than other games, berezzaa can’t simply sell “500 Robux Ultra Dagger” as a game-pass for obvious reasons.

I believe the team are aware but also recognize it is not worth the money to spend on Ethyr with robux which will give any single player an overwhelming advantage over others.

This is just my opinion.

yes and they don’t care
they know this and like it
its a great money maker
thats why berezaa said hes ok if people buy hundreds of alts for referrals
which toxic rich kids like @Veydera do btw
(yes I am bitter and annoyed, veydera is toxic for the economy and needs to have his data wiped)

EDIT: he bought 100k Ethyr thats 70K robux adding up to roughly 400$ US if you include the Builders club discount, this should not be allowed
EDIT2: oh ya and that not counting the Ethyr hes bought up to the point he did that
so in all hes spent at least 600$ US on Ethyr its completely unacceptable
and then he flexes on people in discord and on forums its repulsing

I agree and the fact that berezaa does not see this as an issue is weird. He thinks that this is not much of an issue.

The problem is that this would increase scamming.

P1: hey cool armor do u want a nametag on it :smiley:
P2: yes please
P2 gives armor
P1: nice armor. yoinks and disconnects

And if you’re going to suggest that items become soulbound after you use ethyr, just no. That would restrict players way too much

derpy pie; calls someone toxic all the while being toxic himself. Who cares about his numbers lol

That’s why I also suggested that they could be rare drops from chests, certain enemies, etc. Just not extreme like 1/50k drop of green dye from rattys. 1/5k would be far more reasonable. That way, they would sell for so cheap in the market that they won’t even be profitable for silver.

The stranger should still sell dyes, but keep the insane price. Ethyr wont always be robux only. They plan to have more ways to get ethyr

Then no one would buy dyes from the Stranger. They would just buy it from other players.

meta you just suggested dyes would be soulbound… how are they gonna trade dyes if they are soulbound

Forget about premium items being soulbound, just have there be a way for them to be worth a very low amount of silver so rich players won’t just stock and sell easily for lots of silver.

How bout make premium items soulbound and add the stranger back.

I just said that.

Man, I’d love to waste 4 gold just to dye equipment :joy:

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4g is way too much. Should be like 100s (I dyed my mace when you had to pay 4g)

wow, thats alot of money talk

The stranger should be added back but instead of silver mabye have them sell for a rare drop or have a kind of barter system. A certain item is worth a certain amount of points like spider egg is 50 points to trade for a name tag that is 100 points so two spider eggs is equal to one name tag.