ETA for the playtest tomorrow?

Title. Also, would it be possible for you guys to shut down the servers ~10 minutes after the shutdown?

Do You Want To Tackle The Problem Of YujiPlayz With Staying For Multiple Days?

See, I don’t have anything against him. It’s just that it gives a slight disadvantage to other players.

When You Say Slight, Some People Just Auto-Click Killing Enemies Over Entire Nights. So To Be Honest YujiPlayz Is Really Good Compared To Them.

I see what you mean by slight disadvantage to other players BUT the game is still in playtest mode an will be buyable next week meaning that we can play whenever we want. plus they reseted everyone’s characters this week so for all the people that stayed in game after the playtest lost all their progress.

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they will reset everybody’s characters the next week, not this one

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oh my bad well still that kind of proves my point on how its not a disadvantage.

Where did you see that it’s being reset NEXT week?

it was in another reply/topic by berezaa. can’t remember where tho

Yeah he won’t have any advantage come paid testing. I will be the best! :triumph:

Hiya everyone. The team has decided that we will not wipe data until after this weekend’s playtest. Data will be wiped before the game goes into paid access Alpha.

A focus of mine for next week will be improving Mushtown/Mushroom Forest gameplay ahead of paid access, so hopefully it’ll be very fun to go through that starting area again :slight_smile:


Good work and Good luck!

Sounds good! Also, will there be bosses? That Mushroom Grotto w/ the Elders is a perfect spot for one

Well let’s just wait for the game to be free. :frowning:

(Correct my grammar if I’m wrong lol)

Paid access hasn’t even started yet, so I doubt it’s going to be free anytime soon.

i dont use auto clicker its really unfair to use enduring the athritis

Wondering what’s the ETA for Vesteria to be free (lol)

ETA for the free version may be in around a year or so, maybe shorter, maybe longer.
The last free weekend playtest is today, but I’m not sure about the time, maybe 1PM or 2PM (EST).

In how many hours would that be?

About 4.

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