Estimated Release Date?

what is the release date well estimated i can’t wait to play the game

I’m fairly certain the dev team more or less has a deadline. I forgot when it was though.

We plan to release paid access alpha in 2 weeks for R$1,000. We don’t have any plans to ever lower the price


oops accidentally flagged my own post maybe like 3 times… well…

I just picked up a pre-paid card today to get Vesteria right when it comes out. :grin:

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I wish I didn’t buy the premium gamepass on TPGFT, if I didn’t I’d be able to buy vesteria ;-;

1000 Robux is too much… I honestly think it is better at 100 or 200 Robux. Most people have that amount and are ready to waste them all for Vesteria

I think 1000 robux is not that bad, but it does seem a tad to high (in my opinion). but if your willing to play that much, the players that do buy it tend to have a higher chance of really caring about the game, which is nice.

When will it become just 20R$?

He said they don’t have plans to lower the amount.

That wasn’t very cash money of you. But I’ll buy it anyway because I do things like that.

I Would Agree That 1000 Is Too High So There Will Be Some People Who Wouldn’t Pay For It. However, I Myself On Have 51 Robux So I Will Be Paying For 1000 Robux, Which Is Worth It As I Love Vesteria That Much. Rip Money. :frowning:

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:black_small_square:You guys do need to remember that the developers must also profit in some way possible without ruining the game’s aspect in any essential way. Paid Access allows for diehard fans of Vesteria to support the creators in return to play the game more frequently and actively support the developers to give motivation.

:black_small_square:And another fact, 1000 RS is roughly $10 USD. It is not that high of a price compare to your weekly spending on food, or accessories people purchase. It isn’t a high price when they are promising and showing to the community of a good MMORPG game on ROBLOX with promising details and visualizations.


Thing Is Think About How Old Some People Are. People Under The Age To Get Credits Cards Are Going To Have To Ask Their Parents To Buy It For Them. And The Thing Is This Is A In-Beta Game So Parents May Not Be Inclined To Buy It.


I mean if parents buy them PC, Consoles, or phones. I don’t see the general aspect of how $10 is going to drastically affect anyone in general.

Think About How Prominent PC, Consoles And Phones Are Today. It Is Just One Game Compared To The, Probable, Millions Of Free Games Out There. One Of Those Could Be What A Young Person Could Be Looking For. This Means The Parent Would Have To Spend It.

Though I Can See Your Argument That, Whats The Difference Of $10 Would Make When They Have Already Spent Like $500 On Other Things.

I’m super excited for the full release, keep up the good work!

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I don’t think a release can be easily rushed.

Patience my children :slightly_smiling_face:

Especially games like this. Most legit early acess games cost way more.

well wanna try sell some of my event item now (if I can lmao)