Error in tuaa bow buff

Well I’ve been noticing that the bow buff that every 4 arrows gives you a few seconds of increased damage.
Well, the buff has not been out for a long time, it only comes out in the dagger as seen in the image. I don’t know if it’s a mistake or they just decided to remove it

(That is the bug I was referring to, where the arrow points)

Are you talking about the buff duration image? Because the str potion is the main placeholder image for most of the healing / duration based buffs.

Tuaa bows are not supposed to give extra damage every 4th shot, it was supposed to be exclusive to the dagger

the tuaa bow perk is use one arrow every fourth arrow fired, but because you have a moko dagger in your off hand, the moko dagger buff is also applied, so it gives u extra attack speed every fourth arrow u fire, but because of the machine gun bow being too OP, the moko dagger potion buff appears, but no longer affects the bow