Equipment Stat requirements

Welcome to my post!

This post is about a new feature for weapons and armor that I thought about.

This feature would allow for more variety in equipment, and it would reshape the way we think about our stat points.

Equipment would now have a stat requirement, rather than a level requirement. Some equipment might ask for a combination of multiple stats, or for a single stat.

How this can improve the game
By adding stat requirements to gear, characters would have more of a defined look depending on their build.

Shop equipment would have a few variants, all with minor changes in design and they would have a stat requirement in order to equip them.
Equipment of higher rarities with perks may ask for a more specific stat spread, diversifying stat builds.

For example, a marauder vest may ask for you to have 35 strength in order to equip it. An uncommon item such as the ravager vest might ask for 25 intelligence and 3 strength, 3 vitality, and 3 dexterity.

This also means that items no longer have a required level, meaning that you could equip an item a bit earlier than usual if you have fulfilled its stat requirements.

There could be super rare items with low stat requirements but decent stats obtained in the endgame, which would make them desirable for people trying to level up low level characters.
Aesthetic improvements
Implementing stat requirements for items would allow for more diversity in shop equipment design.

What if that strength variant steel armor had chainmail underneath its steel plating, and its dexterity variant completely removed the steel plating and left the chainmail?

The lunar staff that requires intelligence has a blue glow coming from the moon symbols, meanwhile its vitality variant becomes a solar staff with a similar glow instead.

Adding stat requirements to gear would allow for some more thematic looks to armor and weapons, while making them look similar enough allow people to identify what the item is.

Overall, I think changing items to have stat requirements rather than level requirements could be an interesting change to the game, and could shake up the way we think about our stat points.

It is a controversial change for sure, and it would need to thoroughly tested in the f2p version of the game to see how it would effect Vesteria.
Would these stat requirements be added on top of level requirements? Would they be added as a full on replacement for level requirements as I suggested here?

These are things that should be discussed in the post’s comments, and I would like to see your thoughts on this potential change.

So does that mean that gear with vitality stat requriment has more defense, gear with more dmg has a strength requirement and so on

That sounds great but I think there should still be a level requirement but much lower like level 30 for a level 40 item.

Either that or a hight stat requirement.

Yes, I think this can work but only if there is more gear to compensate for all sorts of builds, as otherwise this could very well go against the build diversity the game has appeared to allow for recently.

There would probably be a chance for cursed scrolls to re-roll your stat requirements, albeit a very low chance.

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Stat requirements would limit to a certain extent (only 3 stat points per level, remember)

Oh yea now I do

How exactly would this work for armor defense? Would be a bit weird for a level 13 Hunter to have the same defense as someone with (current) Lv. 28 armor.

I’m sure the dev team could come up with a better system, but:

IE: Steel Armor requires 71 strength out of the 84 stat points you’d have as a level 28 to equip. It can be equipped at a lower level if you had placed 53 of your points into strength, but you would lose out on using unique items like the stinger that have more upgrade slots and unique perks due to your stat spread.

Gladiator armor would have a 35% bump to its stat point requirements due to being a 5 star item. That stat point pool would be spread to 2 stat requirements, so you might need strength and dexterity instead of just strength.

Overall this feature would be very experimental, and we would need more armor and weapons in order to make it work.
There’d be lots of ways to go about implementing it, and what I have written on this post is just one of them.

Stat requirements on an item could be completely randomized, or you could have two stat requirement milestones for item equipping and item mastery. All items could stick to the level system and instead very rarely have perks that only reveal themselves when you complete a special event trigger, with one of which being a certain stat spread.