Enthusiast Hype

About 20 hours before I get enthusiast :smiley: And 6 days until Member TL
Also dang, I hit the maximum topic limit, I might be too active lol

hype train for you



What even is enthusiast for and how do you get it?

Ok, 10 days.

It’s for going on the website each day for 10 days straight.

;-; I got 10 days visited but no enthusiast, i swear i didn’t miss a day. is there a way to check how many days you visited in a row?

hh it says you have 10 days visited. I think you just gotta give it a day because badges and stuff are pretty slow to load.

Also, i realized i have signed up on oct 13, so it might have glitched idk. counted extra days

it has to be 10 days in a row, not just 10 total.

Its been 8 days but the website counted it as 10…weird

Today’s 22.
13+10= 23

I Agree With The Maths Despite How Obvious It Was.

Two days until member, or 40 hours about

Keep On Going!

What I saw today
As you can see from my name and the picture


Gg, I’m getting member today