Enemy Spawn Rate rework

To begin, This post will be talking about what I think about spawn rates in certain areas and how it can be fixed. With berezaa’s recent update about having a set amount of players in a map. Though the problem Im seeing is that large maps like Seaside Path, Redwood Forest it feels empty as those areas get low foot traffic and are very large maps which in turn makes the area feel empty in a bad way; which can lead to boredom. My proposal is the larger the map the more mops spawn at default and increase the more players are on the map, This will help with these maps feeling like a dead wasteland. Now I do understand that this could all be attributed to the low player counts that vestaria has been getting.

Tl;Dr The larger the map the higher the default spawn rate for mob’s and keep the scaling as more players are in that area to makes these large maps like seaside path feel less empty.

Please give me your opinions down below.

It’s a good idea, but the maps you mentioned especially are terrible grinding areas anyways… Seaside path only has crabbys and hogs, both of which are found in better places. Redwood pass has more mobs but they are the same level as others, and farming guardians is better in the Colo. Larger maps like scallop shores have multiple mobs to grind, and therefore are more popular. Changing the mobs level could help, along with drops; making people want to grind them more.