Enemy design without the use of custom rig

Since you guys are having issue with looking animators for custom rig, how about humanoid enemys? Like Bandits,Marauders,Thiefs,Assassins and such, and it could use the already existing moves that players can use,So There will be a bunch of variety with these enemies and proably would make the game more alive to, And it does not have to be human that uses this animation ethier: It can be races like Orcs,Elfs and such. I’d make more sense to considering there will proably be alot of reason of bandits and such will commit crimes and be shun by the towns and villauges, You guys could use this to instead while you look for somone to hire for animation rig.

I don’t think they should just start doing only those kinds of enemies but i do agree they should add some stuff like that

I have the same idea plus they already have some of the up coming monsters already made they just need an animator for them