Enemy deaths sometimes don’t replicate when client's connection is bad

This is a bit technical, so you might not understand, but I know the scripters on the Vesteria Team will.

I am playing Vesteria with pretty bad ping (400-600ms). Sometimes, when I kill enemies, they don’t disappear, and it doesn’t show that I’ve killed them. Instead of falling on the ground and disappearing, they stay in place. They are still animated (which is done on the client), and their healthbars still show up. However, I can’t collide with them, and they don’t target me or any other player. They stay in place. I can’t damage them either.

My hypothesis for why this happens is that they are actually dead on the server, but for some reason the death state has not replicated to the client.

I can further prove that they are dead because when I rejoin, they are completely gone. They don’t show up for other players.

This occurs most commonly when fighting a lot of enemies, and killing maybe 4 or 5 in a single blow. For some reason, it seems like the client can’t receive all state changes and simply disregards some of them.

I have absolutely no idea how you guys could fix this, but if you would that would be really nice. After maybe 30 minutes of playing, finding enemies to fight was hard because I kept mistaking these dead enemies for alive ones.

(I was going to take a screenshot, but I was far away from spawn and got killed by some alive monsters)

I’ll look into this, thanks for the report.


I believe the reason for this is because of how many remotes are fired when your hitting a mob. A lot of games used remotes in a way where its a password to server process. They send ALL inputs through a remote and then the server will either disgard it or check if its a kill or etc… I have no idea about this game since the only way to get remotes is from exploits and I only exploit when I have the permission of the owner to test the security of the game. That’s my view on it and I hope that may help you understand.