Enemy / Boss Brainstorm [Thread]

I did this in the old forum, but I thought to bring it back.
Let’s brainstorm some ideas for bosses or enemies!

I feel like there should be a zombielike monster that, when it attacks you, inflicts a status affect, like Slowness and No Weapons, or something.

I think there’s definitely gonna be some class story lines, based on the fact they have their own location and path to go, so we should have a final boss at the end of each one to prove you’re strength and that you’ve become a master in that field, it could be the thing that unlocks your sub class, or you could fight a “master” that is your sub class to unlock it, or maybe after you’ve already done the sub class instead, so you just get to pick them anyway

Alright time for some monster ideas:

  1. Definitely needs a dragon boss, i mean what game doesn’t have one? XD
  2. Stay with the ocean theme in the crab part of the map with things like starfish that could have a ranged attack (idk if they want all monsters to be melee) or a shelly is the opposite of the crab with high defense and low damage
  3. In the mountain pass maybe a yeti or snowman kind of monster, or you could have undead/reanimated objects with a necromancer mystery

alright i’m gonna let some other people give ideas now

I definitely want to add a Spider Queen mini-boss into the game at some point. Mini-bosses we want to be fought at the end of long quest-lines, and Bosses will be found in huge dungeons that players can enter with lots of other players.

Excited to see some of the ideas you guys come up with.

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I am really looking forward to the dungeon raids with tons of players, thank you. :grin:

Elemental bosses?

I just hope the attack patterns will be boss-like, I don’t want to battle a “Crabby King” that fight like a “Giant Crabby”.

Definitely. Boss fights will be much more interactive than regular monster fights. Thinking like, zones light up on the floor to show you where the boss is about to hit so you can dodge, boss will jump around the fight zone, throw your character around, status effects, etc.


YES THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IM HOPING FOR!!! don’t fail me poly :wink:

Will you be able to enter these dungeons solo, and could there be a timer tracker how long you took? (for speed runners, clearly)

Also how big are we thinking player wise for the dungeons because even a group of 20 players would be very hard to find or if your making a new character or the game is in paid access.

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