Enemies (specifically spiders)

Hi. I get that the XP update was kinda needed, but even as a level 15 it’s feels too hard to level up. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s hard to find areas of enemies without people crowding around them. I’d say, especially with spiders, more spots with enemies. I can’t get a single solo spider kill because of how many people are there. I dunno, it’s just a thought.

It’s crowded because the spiders are the highest level mob in the game currently. The devs have said that they plan on adding more spider dens and a goblin mob in the future.

nothing has changed tbh
while the spiders were broken the crabs were the highest level monster so the beach was filled with people and nobody was able to get even a single solo kill.
now that the spiders are fixed once more the beach is in a good condition + the crabby den helps out to make farming easier as well.
but this leaves us with the problem of the SPIDERS now being overpopulated.
all we need to do is wait for the devs to either rework enchanted forest just like they did with the beach or wait until a higher level enemy is introduced but all of that takes time so please PLEASE be patient, the devs. are working as fast as they can to provide us with new content but you need to be patient in order for them to provide us with the best experience there is.

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There’s a formula that we looked at very closely when making the XP changes. The formula is basically "How many monsters of the same level as me do I have to kill to level up?"

We’ve been looking at this number very closely and it is actually LOWER than the old XP curve. This means that by fighting monsters at the exact same level as you, you should actually level up faster.

The main difference with the new curve is the dramatic drop off in XP gained from monsters lower level than you (and a dramatic increase from monsters higher level than you)

The reason you are struggling to level up isn’t the XP curve, it’s crowding, and we plan to have a fix for that sometime soonish.

However, giant monster XP is broken. We are aware of this and will fix ASAP.

Edit: for people interested in writing for the wiki: the amount of XP a monster gives you when you are the same level as that monster is it’s “base XP”


Thanks for the info, by any chance could you tell us by what percentage the xp decreases per level higher?

Yeah knowing how much less XP is earned the higher your level is to the mob would be useful.