Endgame Vibe introduced too soon in Vesteria?

Among the many reasons I bought the full version of Vesteria, was my excitement about being in a castle (as described by the NPC). In the current build of the game, The Warrior class gets to their Castle too quickly. I feel that living in a prestigious castle as a Warrior should require a lot more reputation to be built up, something the player has not done yet in the game.

I acknowledge that this might just be an intended placeholder, but if Vesteria is the premium experience of the game, why have that hype to achieve the status of Warrior be spoiled so soon? In the past week I’ve seen many of my friends get bored of the game and some posts on the Forums saying the same. It’d be really good to just hype up that moment so the game stays alive.

TL;DR The “Warriors living in big castles” should be achieved at a later point in the game, not at like level 10. This is to build up hype and not let the game die since some of my friends got bored of the game and I’ve seen some recent forum posts stating the same.


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The other classes have not even gotten their own areas yet, and in the future, it’s likely that’ll be more quests and other stuff related to warriors and every class in general. It’s highly unlikely that the ‘warriors living in big castles’ was the endgame goal for warriors intended by the developers, but more likely just the start.

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But what if this was only the smallest castle :thinking:

What if you were never a warrior just they’re trying to make you think you’re a warrior :thinking:

what do you mean by castle? I haven’t played warrior and only hunter. Are warriors able to obtain a castle?

Possible, but it does seem like a lot of work has gone into creating it.

They are talking about the Warrior Stronghold, 1 of the 3 Classes’ main base. Currently only the Warrior’s base is built. To get to it go to the farmlands and climb up the Redwood Pass.

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Okay thankyou.

I think the endgame vibe is because of the grind fest but idk

We only need to wait