Enchantment Score Bar

I’ve always wondered how close other people’s gear is to yellow tier or how close my gear is to red tier. An interesting little QoL feature would be a bar that indicates a weapons enchantment score up to green tier. This would be a pretty cool thing to see in the game.
This is just a visual representation, but I imagine the enchantment score bar being semi transparent and grayed out when an equipment has no upgrades. The parts of the bar that aren’t filled would be darker versions of the tier color.

For this reason make Meta a contributor. :weary:

meta is big smart

It’s ya boy with a mockup


This would actually be a really helpful and cool thing to see.

And it most likely wont happen, just like my dropped item timer idea. Dropped item pickup timers

It would be nice if Berezaa actually listened instead of pretending to.
I’m actually gonna bump that since we still want it

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300 iQ play.


it should be under the level requirement instead incase someone renames their item

Thats my vest lol

Yes! It would be really nice to know how close your gear is to becoming considered good gear

This is just Meta flexing his Ratty Vest

That would be amazing if it was added to the game.

I made a post about showing enchants to gears and allowing a score bar shown on how close a tier is in a gear would be very beneficial for people who enchants, who trades and who wanted to show off their stuffs. I like it a lot!

Link to the post: Show Enchants on Equipment

I think berezaa said that something similar to this will show which scrolls were used in the making of most weapons like the icon of a cursed scroll and great

Since the enchantment score will be returned back to how it was before, I think this feature should be added. Would be cool to see exactly how close you are to reaching a certain equipment tier and allow people to set definite enchantment goals.