Emotes autocomplete with player names

See title. When using /e in order to use Emotes, it will autocomplete and fill in the name of a player in the server based on the first letter you typed in, just like in /invite, /duel, /trade, etc. This is most likely unintentional and should be fixed.
For reference, see the video.

Additionally, autocomplete will not work if there is more than 1 player with the same first letter in the game.

There is a different way to use an emote. You can press n for dance and m for sit.

I know, I was going to use /e point, though, which doesn’t have a hotkey.
However, the person with the name starting with P left, so I had to use /e sit to demonstrate the video.

I see.

Well you could always do the annoying way of deleting part of the name to continue.
But this should still be in forums cause like you said, this is probably unintentional.

I tried this out today and it turned out that you just enter the name of the emote into the prompt (eg Perform an Emote: point).

That’s exactly how it works, except it can false autocomplete if there’s 1 person in the server other than you with the same beginning letter as the emote you’re trying to do.