Elements. I think the classes need elements

What do I mean? Well… Simple.

Earth for the Warriors,

Wind for the Hunters,

And Ice, or Water, or maybe even both, for the Mages. Why you might ask?

Well… Note this: The warriors are based off of dealing heavy blows and taking hits, while not being as agile.

Hunters are FULLY DPS based, and deal damage really quickly.

The Mages, as the name implies, is based around spamming spells to get an edge over the opponent with their range.

If the Warriors are Earth-typed, they can, say, create Rock, Sand, or Ice, (Depending on the terrain) stalagmites that spike the opponent when you use the ground point. Y’know, for a bigger hit range, plus extra damage. It can lead up to combos too, such as, when the enemy gets spiked, you can follow up with aerial attacks. Something like that.

The Hunters can shoot directly upwards with their bows, raining arrows on the target area. Or, can prepare for an attack, with a gust of wind staggering the enemies, so they don’t go away before the attack starts.

And the Mages… Oh boy. Here’s an idea. Blink, going into some melee hits, slapshotting the enemy up into the air, zapping them, then do ONE aerial attack, then Bomb.

In summary, I think the Warriors should do a lot of damage with one hit, not being able to follow up on attacks really well, the Hunters being the most agile, hence following up really well, and the Mages can, say, be all-rounded with what they do. Such as dealing heavy hits with one attack, while being able to follow up really well. Not saying it’d be better than the two, I just think the Mage can be the JOFT. (Jack of all Trades.)

That’s all I really have to say about this, and please let me know if this is a good topic or not. Plus, this’d make MP make sense. Kind of a personal issue, but, well, y’know. Yeah, thanks for reading. :smiley:

you tried and that is all that matters

Yeah, thanks. :smiley:


Says me, but I have double jump. XD

you can make it up there

I know. It’s a joke. I just tried saying: Why would someone leave it up there?!

Mushtown. Not Nilgarf. XD


why would you even go back to mushtown? it gives like, 100 bronze and 5 small potions. something is wrong here

Well it’s a thing nonetheless, sooo… .-.

Wait, I forgot. Can you go to other cities as different classes? If no, then Warrior City seems like a waste of time, especially for the Warriors themselves. Look: Hunters are known for Dexterity. AKA: Longer Sprint time. Warriors? Nada. Sooo…

yes, you can

Oh thank flip. XD

I’m not sure what you’re trying to get at here, but it is a creative thought… Just doesn’t exactly blend with the concept of the game.

There will, however, be “sub-classes” to the classes. This is where warriors can branch out to be Knights and play defense-based; or berserker where they do damage in a firey rage… Or Paladin, the holy warrior of healing and fighting. (this isn’t 100% confirmed, but Paladin is)

Hunters will have Assassins, the stealthy dagger masters consisting of doing huge bursts of damage. Then there’s the Rangers, the archers, that keep a sustained, solid damage constantly.
Lastly, the Alchemist, the user of poisons and other potions. They are the Area of Effect based hunters. (these are confirmed)

Mages will have Warlocks. Warlocks are the dark and fire magics. They are built for closer combat and are the ‘tanks’ of mages. Then there’s the Sorcerers. They are the ‘glass-cannons’ that deal insane damage at a distance, but are very poor when it comes to defense. Finally, the Clerics. They are the supporters and healers. (These are also confirmed)

So overall, classes will have their own specialties based off of the players’ ideas… What is happening with your post is kind of confusing. Creative idea, though

This isnt a magic/elements game. Some subclasses like mage’s sorcerer will eventually be able to use things like ice and lightning, but there is no need to bring elements into any of this unless the subclass in question specifically revolves around it.

can you not just spam topics that make no sense


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