Elemental Mobs for Future Updates

Elemental Mobs

What are they?: Mobs like these revolve around a certain element (fire, water, etc.) and have special abilitys and debuffs.

  • Fire Monster: LVL 26, drops 400 XP, Drops Fire Essence, Fireball ability, Burn debuff (ticks 50 damage per second
  • Water Monster: LVL 26, drops 400 XP, Drops Water Essence, Wave ability, Drowning debuff (Paralysis depending on how long you were in the wave)

These are just some examples, this opens a new world to monster abilitys and debuffs.
Essence dropping from Enemies would give you options to make special potions or weapons.

I personally think this is a cool idea, thanks for reading!

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Yes please!

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