Elemental Enchanting?

I think weapons should have enchantment abilities. Enchantments like fire, ice, etc. This ability can only be acquired by mages at a certain level. Maybe the cap. They could also possibly enchant weapons for others (if trusted) Though, now that I think about it could cause scamming… but it is something to think about.

This idea sounds great or maybe having certain subclass items built with maybe special ability’s idk just thinking lol


We definitely want to allow weapons to have rare effects, such as a weapon that ignites enemies on fire (deals damage over time), slows people, attacks nearby, etc.

Whether we want to allow people to apply this to weapons is a bit up in the air, what benefit would this give players?

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“This ability can only be acquired by mages at a certain level” Wouldn’t this make mages a little too op and unfair for the hunters and warriors who dont have this ability?

No they could also have this ability for example a sword that is on fire that when you hit may have a 20% chance of burning your enemy or hunters with poison tip daggers.