Elemental Beasts

Wouldn’t it be awesome to fair against the elements!?! Well, now it can be done!

Adding mobs of different elements such as fire, ice, lightning, ect, would be very fun to fight, in my opinion.

This chat was made for the soul purpose of letting people post ideas mainly focusing on elemental mobs.

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I never really liked the whole element thing in video games, it’s usually just a reskin of another element, all skyrim’s spells were just different colored versions besides the last destruction spells, dauntless (it’s like monster hunter) tried this with their bosses, it was terrible… if you look at any review it was the biggest complaint, breath of the wild was the only thing i’ve seen so far do the elements right, the blights actually had different movesets and it was a different style of fight, not the same thing colored different, so i hope they do something like that, i don’t really like the rock paper scissors elements though, it’s boring… i like creative magic

I see your point. That’s why I haven’t posted any ideas yet.

But, what I had in mind weren’t reskins, but different mobs. For instance, demons can drop fire weapons too.

Angels can drop holy weapons and stuff too. I’m not just talking about the basic elements, I mean elements of anything you can think of. Poison, air, metallic, anything.

Sounds Like A Great Idea! The Different Mobs May Be Slightly Difficult To Add Every Element Of Enemy Since It Is Near Unlimited. Though Other Than That Your Idea Is Wonderful.

Sadly, I realized this before I posted this, and I knew some elements would make it into the game and some of them would not.
You can get a better description by looking at my last 2 comments in Elements of Pierce.

Killing angels? :flushed: Oh my.

I feel like these mobs would just be typical mobs… like yea they are elemental, but many other games have stuff like that

Point is? Vesteria is influenced by maple story, so I see no need in worrying about copying elements of other games.