Elemental Beast Drops

Just as I said there should be elements of pierce, I believe there should be elements of mobs as well. Each mob will drops a specific item, of the element that the mob is assigned to, and put the elements of pierce to use.


  • Molten Elemental Beast drops fire scroll / Flame dagger
  • Glacial Elemental Beast will drop Ice scrolls / Frozen Dagger
  • Electrical Elemental Beast drop lightning scrolls / Lightning Dagger
  • Rock Golems drop earth scrolls / Obsidian Dagger

All that being said, if you aren’t familiar with my other works, visit The Hub.

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Another Great Suggestion. Obviously The Drops Will Have Mage, Warrior And Hunter Variants, Though How Strong Will The Elemental Beasts Be? All The Same Level? Some Higher Than Others?
Or Will They Just Be Unrelated And Be Completely Separate Throughout The Game, Rather Than Near Each?

Sorry, If you want to find out about the description about the elemental beasts, visit The Hub, and go to the Elemental Beasts topic. Those questions have no merit here. But, If you ask them in the proper category, I will happily answer them.