Editable Update List

Note: This may not be necessary as forms of communication are already pretty good but, sometimes players just don’t know the updates. This is for future updates, you can make a list of them here, or keep it to yourself.

On Another Note: Yes I get it that the update isn’t out yet, so no reason to reply to this when I already know this. [Delete This Note When Editing]

For anyone that looks here, question: Should this be moved to the Tutorials and Guides section?
Edit: Question has been answered, thanks J_Joey and a4DCube.

I mean, u could prob leave it here but ig it’d work as a guide as well?

Now that I think about it, it’s not really a guide, so I’ll just leave it here

This topic is on topic and relevant to Vesteria and isn’t a guide for the game. This is the right place to put it.

What if we just put it on the wiki, i think it already has it too

I don’t even check the wiki so it If is already there then the actual wiki can keep it since more people are willing to edit that. This is just a bootleg version of the actual wiki or so. As for me, I would be on the forums most of the time than the actual wiki so :thinking: probably different for others.