Economy/Gameplay Balancing Ideas

In many popular MMORPG-styled games, there is an economy and/or trading system. I am glad to see it has been added to Vesteria. To prevent the economy from instability later on, I have listed some suggestions below. Feel free to use these ideas as you wish! (If anyone else has additional ideas, comment below! Your suggestions matter, and it would be great if you contributed to the game.)

  1. Trading tax / clan tax that contributes to either a global meter that provides a “Double XP Week” or a clan castle’s construction/expansion. (Makes buying low and selling high more difficult, additional ideas for this below)

  2. Global “index” of item values. During trades, hovering over an item will display its average value based on other player transactions. This will prevent people from “Buying low and selling high”, by assisting players with little to no knowledge of an item’s value price their items effectively. To prevent people from trading back and forth to inflate / reduce an item’s value, a trading tax could be set in place.

Note to devs: this can be accomplished using DataStores to :IncrementAsync() the average value based on 2 factors: the current average and the current divisor (number of entries used to make the current average). The difference between the current average and the new sale would then be divided by the divisor, and added / subtracted with :IncrementAsync(). Additionally, to conserve server resources, multiple sales could be calculated at once, and therefore use less DataStore calls. Every (x) interval, the server could use :GetAsync() to fetch item values to display to players. This wouldn’t be prioritized as after a few days, item values get stable and individual sales wouldn’t affect the overall value as much.

  1. If scroll upgrading (The process of increasing the chances of a scroll succeeding and/or the scroll’s power) is implemented, it should be difficult to reach guaranteed success rates and high amounts of power increase. This would encourage people to buy and sell the items required to upgrade scrolls. Example: Billy has an ancient scroll. The first enhancement costs 10 spider fangs, and isn’t that powerful. The second is twice as powerful, but costs 30 fangs. The third is 3 times as powerful as the first, but costs 90 fangs. It would be extremely difficult to reach 100 percent success rate.

  2. Boss drops should come in 3 tiers: Basic (base stats, easy to get) Rare (1.2 times stats, might take a while to get) and Legendary (1.5 times stats, for dedicated players). This would reward people who “farm” those bosses with not only a product to sell for a lot of profit, but also the means of obtaining a powerful item.

tl;dr Trade tax or clan tax, reward at a goal. Farming bosses yields some reward. there i made it shorter

I don’t know about killing trading in this game, I want an economy where you can trade and make trading profit, I guess you want to avoid sharking and other scamming methods. Maybe it makes a notification and warning for a high value item so a new player knows about it. Maybe each item will have a reccomended price in gold above it, and in trades it will show the total value of the items on each side, that can avoid clear scamming and sharking.

I would also like to see a marketplace where players can put up items for gold, like Runescape or WoW or Albion Online. Such as putting a sword up for 5k gold, then somebody who searches for that sword can buy it for 5k. It is a universal thing where everyone can put up an item and see that item that is for sale.

Also, how can the devs change item values, like some items will be worth less or more depending on new additions, how can they accurately change a items price compared to its community value?

One solution to the said problem is community price suggestions, where people can make requests in a forum category to change a items suggested price in-game.

what does this mean?

there will be scrolls that let you restore LOST attempts for weapons but they will be quite expensive/rare (this isn’t 100% confirmed / official)

I must disagree with this. boss items should be tradable especial if they are rare since this would reward players for grinding the same boss over and over again but the weapons should have a higher level requirement.

overall, most of these ideas are really good but the game simply isn’t at that stage where this would be needed, but I am sure that in the future devs. will consider this into account

a marketplace will (possibly) be a thing in the future.

To Be Honest, The Too Long Didn’t Read Isn’t Much Shorter…

I saw a game that logs every ingame item sale to other players in a datastore and then calculates the new average price for that item. I feel like Vesteria should have a similar system.

Thanks for the constructive criticism, I improved my post.

someone could crash this market tho. think about it what happens if i find 1,000 of an item and it was very rare i could make that item worth nothing but be overpowered. this market should be controled by the deves for the first month then moved to a player made market that has good borders by the devs.

ours would be a really cool thing to see a market where players can sell their items to others

How would you find 1000 of an item if it had a low drop rate? Generally stronger items are rarer and rarer items drop less often. If a boss spawns every 2 minutes and the drop had a 1 percent chance of being given to you, you would get on average 7-8 copies per 24 hour period. (1440 minutes per day, 720 bosses per day, 7.2 drops per day) Now, if the item was common rarity, it would be a much higher chance of being given to you, and so you would get more of it. In the same scenario, if a common item had a 20 percent chance of dropping, you would get on average 144 per 24 hour period.

i was saying meteorically and a group could ban together thats all i am saying

Maybe if we had a global marketplace like they said they wanted to add, they could just buy it out and set their own prices. Maybe if they just traded it back and forth for a high price to raise it. Though that can be stopped by a trading fee for gold traded, but that would result in a big damages in trading. It also would stop people from wanting to buy items from other players because of the gold fee.

this is also vary true.

First off, if we are to assume that there are level requirements for each weapon, then there is no need to have an “equal trade” value.
In addition to this, what if a person is looking for an item that is worth less than the item that they are offering, then this would limit the amount of items that you would be able to offer them.
Furthermore, it should be our decision rather to give their valuable items to the lower levels or not just in case they need a little help. It’s not as if every person would be willing to give out those items for free, so I see no harm in allowing people to give others powerful stuff.
Lastly, instead of having an “equal value” trade mechanic, just make the items that leads to the problem you mentioned not be able to be traded. But, in my opinion, we worked hard to farm for that item, and we should have the freedom to do as we see fit with it.

But then there’s advantages of a fee, it regulates the gold circulation since gold is constantly being earned via merchant selling and mob killing, and the fee would depend on how much gold would be produced per day, and the amount of gold spent trading.

I also disagree with this mechanic. Forging and selling good weapons actually sounds like a fun mechanic to be implemented into the game. I mean who wouldn’t want to make their own weapon, and for the weapons you don’t need, you wont have wasted time and effort put into it, because you can sell it through trade to make some of the gold you spent to achieve that item back.
Example: John is level 10, and makes a weapon suitable to his level 10 dagger with all blue scrolls working on it. But, he purchases a new weapon at level 13, a steel dagger, and also gets all the blue scrolls to work on it. So what will John do with his old dagger? Sell it of course! Because he no longer needs it after putting a lot of time and effort into it, he can find someone else who needs it and sell it to them for a decent profit.

But Some People Have Sentiment With Their Items. THE WEAPONS HAVE LIVES TOO!

Overall, it seems as if, from my perspective, you are one of those people who gets mad when you spend hours farming for something with your friend, only to find out that your friend quit farming and happened to get it from another person for free, or for something of lesser value, while you still spend your time farming, and building up the anger inside you. No offense though, this is just my opinion.

Notice you said SOME. Yes, I am aware of this fact, but when it comes to MMORPGs like this one, most people seek to improve their weapons. That being said, the best way to do this is to get gold, so if they have a weapon that they do not need, they are more likely to sell it. And if you haven’t read before;

So those who have a sentimental bond with their weapon do not have to trade them, so the issue of your concern is nothing to be bothered about.

By buying and selling, I meant people who buy an item for low prices from someone and sell it for more, without any upgrades, to another person.