Easy mode/features with a twist: Easy mode at a MAJOR cost

In the past few updates, controversial features have been implemented. Auto-attack removed the addition of an even stricter stamina bar, and finally the death penalty. I was thinking to add these features as optional features, however, it you enable them, they will cost you progress in the game(harder to level up, fewer coins given, less loot given, etc.) To prevent abuse, there is a cooldown where you must stay in that mode if you change(like 10-20 minutes).
Disabling Death Penalty: Somewhat strict: -50% VERY strict: Only get 1/3 or 1/4 loot.
Disabling Stamina Bar: Somewhat strict: -20% VERY strict: only get 1/2 loot
Enabling Auto-attack: Somehwaw strict: -20% VERY strict: only get 1/2 loot.
These percentages will stack if you enable more than 1. For fractions, they stack even more(multiply).
Say you disable death penalty and stamina bar. If not very strict you would receive only 30% of the loot as you would usually do. If its a fraction(very strict) you would only get 1/6-1/8th of the loot as usual. This would help with the goal of making this a challenging game and reward those who are up to the challenge, while at the same time making people who want to play more leisurely can play without worry.

I just feel it would be weird to have modes for an MMO environment. I think everyone should be on the same playing field in terms of difficulty.

“Difficulty modes” work out for games OSRS but I don’t think it would be viable for Vesteria at all either specially if you can you switch in an out for no reason.

Your suggestion is just gimping yourself in contrast to everyone else; no reason to spend dev time on a feature that will be used by a couple of players.