Easter egg for boss maybe

So I was exploring in the enchanted forest and as I was accidentally camera glitching I saw a huge spider with red eyes in a cave. Is this a future boss?

the link doesn’t work?

Your picture doesn’t work btw.

I know what you’re talking about though. Its the giant inanimate spider in the Enchanted Forest hidden in a cave near the waterfall. It’s a pretty cool hidden secret, it may end up being a boss in the future. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Oh im sorry if the link doesn’t work i’ll try fixing it

Here are pictures since yours didn’t work.


I had to wall glitch to see it, but Mages should be able to use Blink to enter the little area.
By Wall glitch, I dont mean hacks. If you pan your camera next to a wall, you can see parts of the map

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