Dying/runes spawn me in unintended locations

When I’ve died (so far in Redwood Pass and Scallop Shores) I respawn in incorrect loactions.
I’ve died in Redwood Pass (multiple times to boulders and once to a baby yeti), and each time I am respawned at the Warrior Stronghold outside of the ‘normal’ map behind an ice wall. I’m forced to walk around it to the left and climb up the mountain to get back to the bridge. Using a rune did not fix this problem, instead spawning me in the same location.
A similar thing happened in Scallop Shores when I was killed by Crabbies and respawned outside of the map in Port Fidelio (behind the border wall near the quest whale to be exact), forcing me to climb over the map wall to get back to the game.
Recently, I got killed by another boulder in Redwood and after hitting the exit button I was spawned underneath Warrior Stronghold. The rune I use at the end of this video spawned me back in the same spot.

Leaving the game didn’t help either, so I don’t know how to get unstuck.
I haven’t played Vesteria in a long time, and haven’t encountered this bug until I played with the ‘new’ (I don’t know if new even applies) death system.
Not really sure what triggers this or how, because I’ve only ever died in those two locations. However, up until spawning underneath the map, it has been consistent with dying in Redwood Pass.
My first time and post on the fourms too, so if I screwed something up I’m happy to clarify. Thanks!

the new in the new death system doesnt apply anymore, since death penalty has existed for like 3+ months now

try to reset if you cannot reset rejoin or join another server and try to reset again

No don’t reset try to walk into the void it should spawn you back on map.

Death penalty is disabled in cities

just reset