Dying needs a nerf

Right now, when you die, you lose 1/3 or your money and teleport back to your faction city.
Honestly, I’m sure I can speak for many players when I say that adding this is, at best, extremely frustrating.
If @berezaa wanted to make the game more challenging by making death worse, he honestly could have stuck with one or the other. Lose money or go back to your faction city. Having both is just too much for some people.
30% tax on trades? I feel that it’s a little much. 20% would be better.
Resetting and falling off the map SHOULD NOT COUNT.
Dueling should be non-lethal.
Add totems of undying or something to prevent penalties.

Uh, could you add more different reasoning or something? Many similar posts- almost exactly like this- have already been made. If another post is already making the exact same suggestions, you should vote or reply there or something.

Totems of undying could work, though.

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Falling off the map doesn’t count. Originally it was planned to count but then Berezaa went in #mushtown and said that he made falling out of the map not kill you.

Resetting your character counts in order to prevent people just resetting when they get low on health to avoid the death penalty.

The taxes have to be 30% or else people can just trade money to an alt to avoid loosing it when they die. (Although technically with tax at 30% people can still save 3% of their money when trading to an alt so that might need to be increased to 33%)

Totems of undying defeat the whole purpose of the death penalty as this will just give rich players a way to keep their money instead of paying the death fee.

Although I mostly disagree with your post I do think that the death penalty could be decreased to something lower such as 20% and it would still be just as effective as a deterrent from dying, but having it just teleport you back to your faction city is no big deal since taxi man dave exists and you can just use like 10 silver to get back to where you were before (unless of course you were at the forsaken isle)

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I never said it would cost money. More like an extremely rare drop.

They could possibly be something like a rare drop from a boss, and soulbound so people can’t trade it.

Player: Fights boss

Knights/Tanks: Dies from trying to soak damage

Cleric: Doesn’t resurrect

Player: Gets Totem Of Undying

Player: A life for a life

Thanos: "I’m proud

Just saying, America has a two percent tax rate on imports. We have 30 percent. I know its a game but it just make you stop and think for a seconds.

Yes but unlike Vesteria, in the real world, the tax adds up since few products are made with completely on-site parts. e.g. that cell phone you bought could’ve been assembled here in America meanwhile several of its parts were made in China and others in, idk, Australia. The tax eventually adds up in real life as stuff gets transported accross oceans - not to mention, you can’t forget the transportation costs, deliveries, and work invested into an object; people have to get paid somehow.

I think I understood most of that.

I’d totally recommend something like , having a small note on top of our screen that says whether there’s penalty in this area or not. by doing so we’ll be able to fight carefully without losing our money. i mean some places doesn’t support penalties but you know what i mean.

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