Dying in Forsaken Isle takes away more than half of your silver, even if you go back to your faction city

I just died in Forsaken Isle with 155 silver. When I came back to the Tree of Life, I had only 69.1 and I am also stuck under the map. The game took away 55% of my silver instead of 33%. As far as I know, dying anywhere else will not cause this.

The picture is of me stuck inside the map in Tree of Life, which is also annoying and should be fixed.
Additionally, I am unable to reset. My mage slot is stuck here until I figure out what to do.

Yes, this is (losing 55%) a known glitch.

Apparently this only occurs if you spam click the “Respawn” button, so for now the current solution is don’t do that.

I did not do this, actually, I haven’t ever pressed the Respawn button until today. It would happen whenever the timer ran out as well.