Dungeons: Team Up

I’ve played an RPG that had a team up mechanic. I think It would be cool if this would be added to Vesteria.

It essentially works like this:

  • You find a dungeon
  • You team up
  • When the party for the dungeon is full (4 max) it starts.

There would be no need to go around asking people to join parties because you would already be getting the help that you need.

We’ll definitely have dungeons!

Heck yea! Dungeons sound awesome.

So basically parties are randomized, but pretty sure you can still raid a dungeon with your own party if you currently have one right?

I would assume you can join a party with a friend in it, but there would also be a “fill” option that allowed random players to join.

This is just an example:

It doesn’t have to be specifically like this. You could have it set to where people of a certain level can stand in a colored zone and a timer will count down for the dungeon to start.

Still think this would be good, I’m just bringing up ideas people didn’t see in the past.