Dungeons in Vesteria

So, This is a Feature that I had thought to be cool to See in Vesteria…So, Basically Dungeons Would be Unlocked at Level 10 and you can Queue up as a Healer (1) Damage (3) and Tank (1) so, It’d be a 5 Man Challenge. I Mainly got this Idea from World of Warcraft (WoW) and It’d be cool to see in Vesteria and would definitely get me Playing.

Wow, this is a totally original idea no one has ever thought of before WoW that we never even thought to add, amazing job dude, this is such a good idea all mmo’s should have it…

Seriously… I even Stated that It’s from Wow… and I never said that I Created this Idea…

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Check if your ideas were already made before you make a new topic dude

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We definitely need dungeons.

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No need to yell at them. Plz everyone b nice :grin:

Dungeons would be cool, but to keep the game fun and challenging, there shouldn’t be any limits on to what class you are to enter.

Sounds cool :>

There’s no conformation of dungeons even being added yet? So his ideas aren’t that bad of an idea. Having duengons and raids would be a fun thing to have during mid and end game content-

I mean there are already like 5 topics about dungeons, not that it’s confirmed