Dungeons / Bosses

From the latest sneak peek (with the giant red spider) im hoping and guessing that theres gonna be bosses / dungeons added to the game (Mostly hoping its dungeons with different challenges u have to complete first to get to the boss such as parkour or simply kill 30 enemies to advance). If theres gonna be a dungeons, i have a idea on how the entrance should work, maybe perhaps have a npc next to the dungeon and you need to complete a quest before being able to enter the dungeon or simply have a “Key master” who you need to give a key to, to enter the dungeon. To actually get the key there could be uncommon special versions of the currently existing enemies that are a bit tougher and stronger that drop a single dungeon key when killed. Such as the Key spider could have a sort of Key necklace around its neck and perhaps it would be a higher lvl like 17 or so.

I agree, but that’d be hard to kill.

Not really, considering that theres still higher lvl gear and stuff to come for the classes and etc. A hunter thats lvl 20 or so can easily 2-4 shot a normal spider. Its not gonna be as strong as a giant spider or anything, id just say it would be just a bit tougher to… stand out from the other spiders

Dungeons have already been confirmed as the future way of high-level skilling. So, it’s on it’s way. Your idea sounds a lot like Wynncraft, if you’ve ever heard of it.

Never heard of it. .-.

It’s a Minecraft mmorpg, it’s pretty popular. It uses the same dungeon-key system OP suggested, I’d like to see something more creative imo.

Yeah its from wynncraft :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh kewl. Well… Yeah I dunno wut to say at this point. XD

Also, hai. Mind saying hi in POTM?