Dungeon Matchmaking

Dungeons are confirmed(I think) and im pretty sure that most people dont really want to schedule a time to do it with your friends or if your like me and all your friends dont have Vesteria.
That is why I think they should add a match making system like in other games so you dont have to worry about soloing a dungeon. I would like this to be implemented when the dungeons come out because with this feature I do believe that it will be easier for all solo players which is a large majority of the player base.

you will be forced to have a full party ready before you are able to enter the dungeon, this is why you need to have communication and friends in vesteria (for example, all of the active forum members and players are in a guild called Protectors of The Mushroom and play together daily)

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Well, to be honest, having dungeon matchmaking would not be an ideal thing to do, reason being is that during Dungeon Raids, they will need to be organised, and efficient. Like we’ve witnessed through multiple fights with the Spider Queen, you can’t get a random bunch of people and hope for the best through pure strength, there were many people already calling shots like “RUN TO THE OPPOSITE SIDE” when she turned around with an animation, meaning she is going to do the acid spit. So organised Dungeon Fights are much better, however if you do not want to join a guild because you feel like it’ll be too much effort, then sure, play with randoms.