Dungeon Concepts - Random Room and Boss Variation-Generation

I am sure someone has made a Suggestion possibly similar to what I am going to write but please read and let me know if you like what you hear:

Dungeon Generation and it’s Possibilties: Feasibility
I believe we are all aware at the moment that at this stage in Vesteria’s development the scripting has not been implemented to successfully mass-teleport a select group of players to a Dungeon which could be generated seeing as party-teleporting still is not functional.

The Generation itself: How would it Function?
I am sure it is more than possible to pre-design several mob rooms as well as create a script which could guarantee-generate a line path so no matter how the Dungeon is generated that you would be able to reach the boss room/its end.
Dungeons could become even more layered if it was necessary to defeat mini-bosses in smaller-generated Dungeons to unlock keys to unlock the primary boss’s door

Boss Generation: Re-using pre-existing assets
I think it would save a lot of time and effort to see variations of boss’s such as Spider Queen and Yeti return with a potential re-colour in addition to a change of stats as well as a change in attack patterns (we have already seen massively enlarged Mobs, seeing size variation as well would also be enjoyable.

I am positive everybody would enjoy random variations of pre-existing mobs, it would also save time and effort for Vesteria’s development team.
To clarify; this suggestion in particular is not an excuse not to make new Bosses in the game, but the opportunity to provide additional content quickly and efficiently for Vesteria’s growing fan-base

Sorry if this post is a bit all over the place. Please feel free to post feed-back on any of the possible concepts I have suggested for the future of Dungeons.

This actually sounds great, really fun imo, I imagine there being a castle area/zone in the future that’ll teleport you to a “dungeon” that leads to the boss’s lair (similar to the enchanted forest teleporting you to the spider lair) but the interior of the dungeon would be a randomized maze, a labyrinth that’s completely random every time, so you actually have to find your way to the boss and fight your way through the dungeon instead of just showing up 5 minutes early and doing nothing.
The only problem I see about making a completely random dungeon every server is the potential bugs/glitches that might lead to the paths to the boss room being blocked thus making players unable to enter the boss room.

In order to make full usage of the perk system, I believe this idea would be quite good. Here is my proposal to how this could work out. A lone Vesterian enters a crypt looking for a powerful scroll that is said to make your items magical. You avoid traps, solve puzzles and fight mobs in a randomly generated dungeon. Fighting bosses rewards you with a scroll that temporarily gives you a random perk on an item (you don’t need an empty star to use it). At the end of the dungeon you have to sacrifice all the collected scrolls to create the Ultimate Scroll, which makes one of the temporary scrolls you used beforehand permanent. This means you gain a perk ability you desire on any weapon you desire. These perks don’t require a free upgrade slot and their duration ranges from a few days to permanently. You can only use one Ultimate Scroll per item, though.

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