Dual Cast Bug for Sorcerer

Greetings! A quick bug report from me, which I’ve only seen in my time as a sorcerer instead of my other cleric and warlock saves.

When Magic Bomb and Meteor Strike are used in conjunction with each other, each spell is casted twice. After numerous trials, I’ve concluded that Magic Bomb must be used first as opposed to Meteor Strike. To recreate this glitch, I’ve simply pressed my hotkey for the Magic Bomb and then spam, (or with perfect timing), press the Meteor Strike hotkey.

In this video below, I’ll showcase the bug being used.

When available, I’ll use this on an enemy on the stronger side to make sure it does appropriate damage considering the duplicated attacks, or someone could reply with a video they’ve made using this on an enemy.

Okay, goodbye!

It does in fact deal double the damage of an ability. I am having problems, however, getting this in a video.

Edit 2:
I have discovered it also works with Blink and Frostcall, and additionally, Blink works with Meteor Call.

I have seen something similar where I use meteor and then quickly after use venom bomb and venom bomb does the cool down and takes mana but doesn’t work.

if it was you who voted for this thats not allowed XD
cool glitch btw, can u post a video of the blink one?