Dropped item pickup timers

This is a short and simple suggestion and I don’t think this has been proposed yet. Items dropped by other players should have live timers to show when they can be picked up by everyone else.

yes pls

yes I need this

holy shirts yes
ive been wanting this forever

Y e s

This is something very small, but I feel like it would have a great impact.

I don’t see why not, small but useful so that somebody doesn’t have to wait around all day for something they want to pick up but can’t and will never be able too.

one of the best QoL changes

This feature will be super helpful. I really hope this gets added in the future.

This is the good stuff.

Good bloddy idea

7 votes wow, you guys must really want this.

make that 8

update on count, 13

meant to op reply

13 votes wow
that spiked fast

Imagine stealing someones crown LOL

Free loot :00

18 :smirk: :ok_hand:

  1. :smirk:

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