Double magic bomb

few hour ago somehow be able to shoot 2 magic bomb at the same time.
the glitch itself gone after i die.
i don’t know how it happen? by chance i guess.
thank you - p.s. sorry for bad english

Interesting, can’t imagine how OP mages would be if they could harness this for the Colosseum.

Can you get a screen shot of it, i’m having trouble picturing it. Similar things have happened to me in the past.

i only encounter this glitch once in my life,
so i don’t really know how it work sorry.

Do you mean double the damage, or were there literally two projectiles coming from the same person?

Pretty sure 2 projectiles since mage bomb has been known to hit twice some of the time like slam.

You are absolutely wrong
Slam can hit up to 4 times

2 projectile at once

Oh god
How much mana depates after u do that ?

this glitch happened when i was lagging. it would appear that i was shooting 2 nukes but only 1 would cause damage. Haven’t had that happen in a long time though

basically, when you activate bomb skill, you would throw a bomb, then your character will throw another bomb quickly afterward the first bomb is sent.

I meant slam hits two times every time(and 4 times I know that it potentially happens), but mage bomb is known to hit twice if it passes through the player before exploding, so it would most likely not be reported since its not really a bug.

Also two projectiles is confirmed above, so no need for more speculation.

40 mp

With 30 Dex you shoot two bolts of magic bombs

Necro-bumped. Irrelevant.