Doing some trades V2

Trading my Red Tier Tuaa Staff (+22)
Price: Offer

Selling green dyed Archaeomagus set (Not clean)
Robe: + 10 (You can offer a purple dyed +10 Artificer robe.)
Hat: +3 INT
Price: Offer

Selling Fierce Royal Fang
Price: Offer

Selling Spider leg bow, Royal fang and Web Staff
Price: Offer

DM @XyrusGeneral#3689

DEX, VIT, INT, STR - 250s
ATTACK - 230s

Help me clear my bank.

Just a bonues:
Trading my Red Tier Tuaa Staff, , Grey dyed Purple Tier Artificer Robe and 7g for a Red Tier Artificer Robe

how much for the fierce royal fang
can i pay 400s

sure, settings?

bumped new stuff

You still selling that Fierce Royal Fang? I will offer 1G.

EDIT: I am aware I am overpaying, but Mushcoin is dead to my main slot, and I’m more than happy to be a little overgenerous.

yes daddy ofc i will take it :joy: :joy:

Alr. Friend Me: Doofus_12

so when? im here at nilgarf

Oof. I’m stuck at school rn, won’t be able to get on till 6 PM EST (UTC -5) at earliest.

tomorrow? we have diff timezone lets talk at discord

Oof. What’s your timezone? I can’t access my disc rn b/c crappy connection.

GMT +8, sadly

Oof, that means we have 13 hour time difference. Sometimes I can play really late at night tho, usually if i’m off school (which I will be), so I could probably manage to be on around noon (for you).

Isn’t that eastern Asia though? If so, good luck and stay sanitary.

It is Eastern Asia, thank you stay safe as well.